WP Rank Tracker: Unleashing the Power of Keywords

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WP Rank Tracker

WP Rank Tracker is amazing and I know that you guys are going to love it and here’s why!  A lot of us don’t like to do keyword research.  It is tedious, time consuming and even after we do the keyword research we aren’t happy with the damn results.  Even after finding 10 to 15 key words,  we find terms that we like but we aren’t even aware of the other terms and possibilities that Google is utilizing to rank our pages.

Now what is important to remember about marketing is that it is based on habits.  As human beings and consumers we are guided and molded by our routines and habits.  The majority of us think that keywords like “Cosmetic Dentist Philadelphia” will always be a slam dunk because it is so dead on.   Wrong!  What we fail to take into consideration is that a Google search is like a finger print.  Every person searches so differently,  that no two searches will ever be exactly alike.   That is what is so awesome about WP Rank Tracker,   it capitalizes on this idea!   I have a lot of affiliate sites as I’m sure the majority of you do as well.   Now what’s important to keep in mind is that when building these sites,  we aren’t always aware of all the necessary terms that come into play in their creation.

Let’s take the iPhone for example; there are the terms which everyone knows and recognizes, iPhone 5, iPhone accessories but you don’t know all of the terms which are used.  You are searching for what all “searchers” are looking for and because of this,  you have to invest a lot of time and energy incorporating all of the terms that are being used by the public.  There are even times where you question what’s the point of these damn terms anyway and who the hell even cares?!?  This is where this awesome plug-in really shines!   It will show you all of the key words that people actually searched when they went to find you,  and I promise you it will be eye opening!

Now in addition to providing you the keywords, WP Rank Tracker will also show you what search engine it came from.  Why is this important?  Because no one friggin cares about anything but Google!   But now this will open your eyes because you will realize, hey wait a minute,  15 percent of my traffic comes from Bing and another 10 percent is coming from Yahoo!  This is significant because it gives you a chance to look at the big picture.  While Google is the dominant focus in our industry,  we aren’t even taking into account the other search engines that are out there.   What this is showing us is that 25 percent of my traffic is coming from somewhere other then Google.  That is what makes this plug-in so valuable.

Now on top of all that other great stuff,  WP Rank Tracker will tell you exactly how you will rank for those keywords!   In the short time that I have been using this plug-in,  it has shown me over 500 terms that I never would have thought of on my own,  but that Google users are actually searching for.  That is why you are going to love this plug in, it is going to give you the extra time you would have wasted searching for keywords to instead focus on effectively running your business.  So buy WP Rank Tracker today,  you will be happy with the results!


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